Pacers out of control again!...Hedonism Paid for by we Tax Payers?

$33.5 million to stay?  Really?  In this recession, where could this gang go?

This Pacers Logo Sticker is for you if:

But at least for now you can voice your frustration.

Full color sticker measures 3" x 5".  Adheres to most any surface and may be removed.

You can also Get the Logo without the Words!


Tax Paycers Stickers - Specify With or Without Words

Indiana Pacers Bailout Vote

Indiana Pacers Bailout News

Indiana Library cuts

Indiana School Budget Cuts gives hard working Hoosiers a louder voice!

These are custom made stickers for a unique issue.  We are providing them at the lowest cost possible. 

Shipping is always Free!


Tax Paycers Stickers-Specify With or Without Words

Indiana Pacers Bailout    Tax Paycers stickers